Keeping your passwords safe Acquires Online Platform MySocialCloud, the market and technology leader in online reputation management and digital privacy, has acquired MySocialCloud, a cloud-based platform that enables users to securely manage all logins and passwords from a single place.

“This acquisition marks another strategic milestone in privacy for and its customers,” said CEO and Founder Michael Fertik. “With MySocialCloud, we’re adding a highly valued platform, a creative team, new capability and customers to our portfolio.”

MySocialCloud started in 2011, as the brainchild of brother and sister Scott Ferreira, 22, and Stacey Ferreira, 20, and Shiv Prakash, 27, entrepreneurs who identified a strong market for technology that simplifies the login and username process. The platform enables users to install an extension – the ‘Cloud It’ – button on their web browsers, which is then used to auto login to any website. The company was backed by multiple investors, including Sir Richard Branson (Virgin), Jerry Murdock (Insight Venture Partners) and Alex Welch (Photobucket).

“MySocialCloud is a natural fit with one of’s most important projects: the consumer data vault,” said Fertik.’s consumer data vault will be a secure platform where consumers would keep their personal data, from demographics to individual preferences and buying habits. Companies would then offer an incentive – such as a coupon, free product or service, or even money – to access a person’s data, once that incentive was evaluated and accepted by the individual. The richer, more targeted information would help businesses refine their products and services – and potentially generate even better innovations for consumers.

“We’re building the vault to help empower users and ensure that they manage, control and ultimately benefit from sharing their personal data with companies,” Fertik said. “This will be a revolutionary paradigm shift away from the current model, in which consumers’ data is bought and sold, frequently without their knowledge or consent.”

This acquisition comes after the company’s most recent acquisition, PaperKarma, named a 2012 Apple Disruptive Services App for its straightforward ability to rid users of unwanted mail. also expanded to Europe this year with its acquisition of a UK-based online reputation management firm, now UK.

About was founded in 2006 to give individuals and businesses the power to control their digital privacy and reputation. The company continues to pioneer patented solutions that safeguard and remove personal data from the Internet, monitor and respond to online reviews, build a positive and accurate Web presence for clients, and help businesses proactively engage customers. is a World Economic Forum Global Growth Company and multiple award winner, including the recent Silver for the Best in Biz Awards for “Most Customer Friendly Company” in 2012. It is funded by top-tier venture capital firms and has customers in 100 countries.

The MySocialCloud + Team

Exciting New Developments and Changes

Developing a great product means listening to users like you.

Over the past several months at MySocialCloud, that’s just what we’ve been doing - gathering your feedback, looking at usage statistics, and more to tweak the platform so it does even more of what you like and find useful.

That’s why we’re rolling out a new version of MySocialCloud that focuses exclusively on our Vault technology. You’ll be able to enjoy expanded features, including statistics on website popularity, and an improved Chrome extension.

This also means we’ll be transitioning away from the “Bookmarks” feature by 20th May, 2013 since just a very small number of you use it. If that’s you, you might be wondering what comes next. You can try a number of free services, including Kippt, Pinboard and Delicious. You can also export your bookmarks in one neat file which can then be used to import into Firefox or Chrome!

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at

We’ll have some additional exciting news to report in the next few weeks - will keep you posted!

Passwords that are NOT safe.

  • "password", "123456", "12345678", "monkey", "dragon", "111111", "sex", "football", "baseball", "sunshine", "welcome", "bitch", "iloveyou", "jesus", "password1", "jacket", "iphone", "michael", "dogs", "football123"

See your password there? Maybe; these are some of the most common passwords used today. Bascially if your password is a word you can find in the dictionary - it’s not a great password.

Check them. Change them. Be Safe! 

The End of Summer Parties

Everyone loves to party. And since it’s the end of the summer, it’s the last time you’ll be able to go to the beach without the water being to cold, not worry about where you set your jacket at a party and throw paint at eachother without the paint freezing mid-air for at least the next couple of months. 

So in the spirt of the summer ending, we wanted to team up with some USC and University of Michigan students to host awesome parties for awesome people! 

 Check out our pictures from the House Party in Michigan, the Paint Party at USC and the beach party at Dockweiler. 

Start a Conversation: A New Interface

We recently launched a new interface for your bookmarks! We think it’s awesome, and here are 3 reasons why:

1. You can watch a video/read an article/view a photo AND start a conversation about it, at the same time. 

2. You can see who originally brought that bookmark into the MySocialCloud community and what list they saved it to. 

3. You can view the original source and see where on the web the awesome bookmark is coming from! 

Let us know what you think about the new interface. Enjoy! :)

Birthday Bash

Yet another birthday in the MySocialCloud office! Happy Birthday to Shiv Prakash! We’ll be eating cake all week! 

New Year Resolutions

It’s a new year, 2013. And while it is a little cliche to write your New Year Resolutions, we wanted to share ours with you and promise you that, unlike most gym resolutions people make, ours will be fulfilled year-round.  
So to keep this short and sweet, here are the MySocialCloud Resolutions for 2013:
1. Keep connections/flow of conversation open: Last year we think we did a pretty good job with answering all your questions, concerns, suggestions and comments online (Google+, emails, Facebook, etc.). This year, we want to continue our conversations with all of you and keep an open flow of information. We’ll be sending out helpful emails that give you tips on how to be safe online, as well as keep you updated on the major things we’re working on here at MySocialCloud over the course of the year.

2. Focus: Last year we added and subtracted a lot of features from the site. We used this as a way to experiment with our product to see what people truly valued and needed. We’ve noticed that two of the features we experimented with were the most in demand: auto-login and bookmarking of sites. This year, we promise to focus. Rather than adding and subtracting features throughout the year, we’re going to be iterating on these features and making them infinitely better for you to use.

3. Mobile: Last year, we had a multitude of requests for our platform to work mobily. This is definitely something you’ll see in 2013!

4. Security: We will continue to exceed security industry standards with our product and make sure all of your data is 100% safe.

So thats it, our New Year Resolutions for 2013. Let the New Year begin! 

Saving a Tweet

Twitter is known for being real time. But what happens if you don’t have enough time to read all the interesting things that come through your real time feed? Rather than letting them pass by, you can now save a tweet for later with the MySocialCloud extension! 

To revisit the article, sign into MySocialCloud, click “lists” and view your “Saved for Later” list.

Your Ideas Included

Last week we sent out an email to all of you asking what you thought we could do as a team to improve MySocialCloud for you. After taking in the thousands of responses we had from all of you, we’ve decided to focus more on the ultility MySocialCloud provides: autologging you into all of your websites and allowing you to easily store, organize and share your bookmarks in the Cloud. 

Because of this, you’ll be seeing some noticable changes on the site in the coming days and weeks, all of which will radically improve your experience on MySocialCloud. If you ever encounter any problems or concerns as we’re making these changes, feel free to contact Stacey or stop by our Suggestion Saturday Google+ Hangout at 11am PST this Saturday. 

We hope you enjoy all of your ideas being emplimented! 

MySocialCloud + Twitter

Have you been seeing #msc in your Twitter feed recently? Maybe you have, and maybe you haven’t. But YOU should start using the #msc in your tweets, here’s why. 

We recently built the capability for you to automatically save the links you’re sharing on Twitter to your MySocialCloud lists! If you hashtag the name of one of your MySocialCloud lists and then add #msc to the end of a tweet with a link, that link is automatically stored in your lists! Make sense? Here’s a closer look. 

Is this helpful for you? Let us know what you think on our weekly Saturday G+ Hangout! 

Extend your Experience with the Chrome Extension!

Do you use Chrome? Do you love the Cloud It button but don’t want to have your bookmarks bar always visible? Do you want an EVEN BETTER, enhanced Cloud It button? Then the MySocialCloud Chrome Extension is for you! You can get it by clicking here.

It let’s you have all the functionality of the old “Cloud It” button, and even more! Main features include:

- Saving your favorite bookmarks for your friends to discover and for you to easily find whenever you need. 

- Sharing with friends on multiple online platforms (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Buffer App, more coming soon!)

- Discovering new things through friends and people with similar interests

- Auto-login to all of your sites on the web


It’s time to reload those browsers!

Ever see this sign pop up on your screen while you’re using MySocialCloud?

We’re extremely sorry for the inconvience if this does pop up, but know that the only reason it pops up is because we’re making the site even better! When we get feedback about something that isn’t working properly, we change it as soon as possible. So if you see this pop up, please bear with us! The team is working their hardest to fix issues faster and give you a better experience on the Cloud. 

If you ever have any issues with MySocialCloud or have things you’d like to see updated faster, email me at and we’ll get it fixed as soon as possible! :)

This Week @ MySocialCloud

It’s been a great week at MySocialCloud — and it’s only half way over! We’ve been working hard to build what you have been asking for. Check below to see some of the new updates!

1. Choices, Choices, Choices

Many of you have been wanting to select the image that is displayed on your MySocialCloud lists to show off your stuff in a better light. Now you can! Enjoy picking which image you’d like to represent what you’re saving! 

2. Story Telling 

A special shoutout to Raine Liew ( who has been using MySocialCloud to tell her story and share fascinating information! She asked if we would allow people to custom write short paragraphs about particular articles or pictures that they’re saving. Today, we launched this feature that allows you to tell your story in more than one paragraph!


3. What does that do?

Some of you have been questioning what certain buttons on MySocialCloud take you too - especially on the top navigation bar. So we’ve added “hover over text” that shows a one word description of the buttons at the top of the page! 

Don’t hesitate to tell us your thoughts about these or any other new features you’d like added! We love hearing from you! 

Twitter: @my_socialcloud